The K-12 Program and How Do I See Myself 10 Years From Now?

“TheK to 12 Program covers Kindergarten and 12 , ears of basic education (six years of primary education, four years of Junior High School, and two years of Senior High School [SHS]) to provide sufficient time for mastery of concepts and skills, develop lifelong learners, and prepare graduates for tertiary education, middle-level skills development, employment, and entrepreneurship.”

K-12 program offers the following:images.jpg

I belong to the first batch of the K-12 curriculum and I may say that it really helps a lot because we were able to ready ourselves in entering college life. K-12 program gives students the chance to think and choose wisely of the course they really want to pursue. I believe that K-12 programs tests the courage and seriousness of the students on the path they want to take. K-12 helps me to avoid picking the wrong choice. If ever it might be the biggest regret I may make in my life. I am thankful to this program because it gave me a lot of time to think of what I really wanted to be after 10 years. I’m thankful, yes, but honestly speaking I’m really not sure of what course I wanna take. I don’t know if I will continue taking up I.T.( by the way I am an TVL ICT student).images (1)        Sure I got to learn more about this track and appreciate too but I am not really confident if this track is fitted for me. Yes, I enjoyed all the things I’ve learned but yeah feelings is hard to understand.

After high school I took up HRM since I really have an interest in cooking and baking. I got my own cafe or maybe restaurant where every people can go if they are hungry, lonely, and want to spend time with someone special, friends, family, relatives, cousins or even co-workers. unnamed               I had a great time spending my life with my friends and family. My life became better and successful after 10 years because I gave everything I’ve got. I studied hard and stayed strong through all the challenges and pains that this world gave to me. I wouldn’t have my own family bacause that was the choice I have chosen. As long as I get to help my family and those who have aid me too, that encouraged me to do my best return them the favor they’ve done for me. When everything got stabled, I spend my time travelling all over the world to America first then to Japan, to Korea, France, etc.success.jpg


The Day Where People’s Hearts are Connected( Valentines Day Insights )

Valentines day was celebrated last Febuary 14, the same date of the feast of St. Valentines. This years’ valentines was the same date as the ash wednesday. Ash wednesday is a Christian day for peace and the first day of Lent, which is six weeks of repentance before Easter. The first day of showing the love and sacrifice of the Lord.

Let us look on the people’s perspective of valentines day.

Some says valentines day is the celebration of romance – where romantic cards, cheesy lines, candelight dinner, roses and anything sweet can be seen. The day we celebrate our love with someone you want to spent your life with. The day were you see red and hearts or even pink all over. This is a special for all the people who were in a romantic relationship.

What about to those people who are singles? Being one of them I may say Valentines day is just an ordinary day for me, nothing special. Why would it be special? I don’t have someone special anyway. Besides I believe we don’t need valentines day to celebrate our love and be romantic to the person you love. We can do it everyday. We can show our love anytime and do efforts that can make them happy.

Do you need to wait for the Valentines day in order make them feel and show your love and affection to the person you love? If you really do love that person you will make him/her special everyday or even in your lifetime.

Experiences Create Memories(Foundation Week)

Foundation week was supposedly to be one of the most unforgettable moments of our lives. Whether we are students or workers, it doesn’t make any difference. Foundation week has been a lot of fun. Spending time with your friends and doing many pranks and activities. Booths, concerts, food fair and because it is February let’s include the masquerade ball too. For almost two years that I have been studying in “that” school. I was able to learn, see and experience on how they perform everything they’ve got to accomplish this event and as mush as possible make their subjects happy. And I may say this may not be the most joyful foundation week but during these days, I have experienced the things I never done in my entire life that makes it memorable.

This time our group were assigned to have a part in the food fair in three days.

Admit it or not I’ve been so frustrated. Thinking about the negative things and questions like -what should we do? What preparations should we conduct? Have I made the right decisions? Is this right? What’s happening?

I feel so rush. The burden that our task carries is confusing me. Although, even if I felt that way our group overcame all the pressures and tensions. Who wouldn’t feel that way anyway. We should have high profits because if not then our grades will be a disaster and I am so glad that we have met the aim sale, yes!

I am so thankful that even if our group had a misunderstanding we still manage to be one and successfully completed the task that has been given to us.

Foundation week have been a lot of fun. Selling, cooking, making chocolate juice and especially the bond that we have created, “kulitan” here and there.

It’s so fun and it really makes me happy to see smiles plastered on their faces.


Realizations, One Can Be Done

The world does not revolve to only one person so as much as you want to be dependent to others you cannot. We have to face our fears and spread our wings then fly to see the amazing view the world lies. Be brave enough to explore the world without the help of others. One must be prepared for the unexpected thing that may come on your way while taking your path. This is what I believe. There is nothing more important other than being ready to face all the changes that the challenges will soon bring. We were given so much opportunities and it is up to us to choose the right choice that we will never ever regret

I have research something about life and I saw this unfamiliar word. It is sonder which means the realization that every one has their story. I hanker to know the different stories of people. I prefer to observe silently than playing or talking with people. I want to know more, to learn more as things get interesting as the days goes by. And once I have enough knowledge about them I suddenly feel the urge to write what I am thinking about their story/experiences.

This may not be my first blog but this one contains all the explanation of my thoughts and beliefs.